Nintendo SPR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Card-Based Software
Game Card System Updates
Some Game Cards contain system update data. Such Game Cards will display a message if a system
update is required in order to use the Game Card. Follow the instructions to update your system
(page 91).
Incompatible Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS Software and Accessories
The following software titles and accessories are not compatible with Nintendo 3DS XL.
In addition to these products, it is not possible to use any accessories that would connect to the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite systems
via the Game Boy Advance™ Game Pak slot or anything that functions in conjunction with a Game Boy Advance Game Pak. For more details,
Nintendo DS Browser
Nintendo DS Memory Expansion Pak (NTR-011)
Nintendo DS Lite Memory Expansion Pak (USG-007)
Nintendo 3DS Charging Cradle
Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro
Nintendo DS Rumble Pak
Download Software
Nintendo 3DS XL is equipped with RF module (802.11), which has a radiated output power of less than 10 mW e.i.r.p. and a maximum spectrum
power density of less than -30 dBW/1MHz e.i.r.p. These parameters can be maintained when operated within a temperature range of 0 to 40
degrees Celsius. In accordance with this, Nintendo 3DS XL is categorised as Class 1 equipment according to Commission Decision 2000/299/EC.
With the exception of Nintendo DSiWare (page 64), downloaded software is saved to an SD Card. The corresponding icons are displayed in the
HOME Menu (page 36).
You can get new software by...
Receiving free software via SpotPass (page 8).
Purchasing software via Nintendo eShop (page 64).
Downloading demo versions.
Precautions for Download Software
Because some software is transmitted automatically via SpotPass (page 8), it is advised that you keep an SD Card inserted at all times.
Up to 40 Nintendo DSiWare titles (page 64) can be stored in the System Memory and up to 300 download software titles can be
stored on an SD Card.
Download software (including its save data) can only be used on the system it was originally downloaded to. Software that you
save on an SD Card cannot be used with other Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL systems.
Demo versions of software may have limitations such as a time limit or number of uses. If you exceed this limit and try to open the
software, a message will be displayed. Follow the instructions to delete the software or open Nintendo eShop.
If the system language is set to Dutch, Portuguese or Russian, Nintendo DSiWare titles will default to English. In some cases, this
may be adjustable within the software.
Only Nintendo 3DS software and Nintendo DSiWare matching the region of the system will work. Software titles from dierent
regions may not function.
Touch the software icon, then touch OPEN
Nintendo DSiWare titles are displayed in an expanded format by default. To load the
software at its original resolution, hold down either START or SELECT when launching
the software. Keep START or SELECT held down until the software has started.
For further instructions, refer to the instruction manual for the software you are using
How to view the software manual (page 40)
About software ratings (page 44)
How to close a software title (page 45)
Opening Software
Download Software
Enjoy free software downloaded via SpotPass or software purchased via Nintendo eShop.