Nintendo SPR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

Conguring the system for the rst time
Turning the power on and o
Turning the power on and o
Turning the power on and o
The POWER Button is used to turn the system both on and o. You must congure
the System Settings the rst time the power is turned on.
Turn the system on by pressing the POWER Button. The power LED will light up when the system
has been turned on.
It may take several seconds for the HOME Menu to display after the power is turned on.
For information about the power LED and battery life, see page 31.
Sleep Mode and Turning the Power O
Sleep Mode
Close your Nintendo 3DS XL system during play to activate Sleep Mode. SpotPass (page 8) and StreetPass (page 9) remain active when
the system is in Sleep Mode, but power consumption is greatly reduced.
Note: Some software cannot enter Sleep Mode while in use or while carrying out specic tasks. For example, Nintendo 3DS Sound cannot enter
Sleep Mode during playback.
Turning the power o
Press the POWER Button to display the POWER Menu. From here, touch POWER OFF to turn the
power o. Alternatively, pressing and holding the POWER Button has the same eect.
Set the system language
Touch the language you would like to use, then touch OK.
You must congure the system after turning it on for the rst time. If this system is to be used by children, an adult should perform these steps.
The following steps should be performed with the stylus on the Touch Screen (page 25).
Calibrate the 3D Screen
Follow the on-screen instructions in order to view 3D images correctly
(see “Adjusting 3D Images” on page 32).
Set the date and time
Touch and to set the date and time, then
touch OK.
Enter a user name
For information on keyboard usage, see page 30.
Names can be a maximum of 10 characters.
The name you choose will be visible on other Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS systems via
wireless communication, so do not include words or phrases that others may nd oensive.
The use of in appropriate language may result in the display of your name being restricted
on other Nintendo 3DS systems.
Enter your date of birth
Touch and to enter your date of birth.
Select your country of residence, then your region
Touch OK to conrm.
Accept the Nintendo 3DS Service User Agreement
and Privacy Policy
After reading the information, touch I ACCEPT. If you would rather accept these terms
later, touch LATER.
Congure your internet settings (page 70)
Connecting to the internet allows various types of data to be exchanged via SpotPass and
wireless play to be used with supported software titles. To set this later, touch SET LATER.
Set Parental Controls (page 78)
Set up Parental Controls to limit children’s access to certain content and functionality.
To continue without applying any restrictions, touch SET LATER.
Note: The use of the 3D feature by children aged six and under may cause vision damage. To prevent
the use of the 3D feature, this feature can be manually turned o by selecting the appropriate option
under the Parental Controls settings.
Your system is now ready to be used. Press the HOME Button to enter the HOME Menu (page 36) and begin using your
Nintendo 3DS XL system.
Power on