Nintendo SPR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Face Raiders
Gather lots of faces and battle them in this fast-paced game!
Face Raiders involves moving your system around and shooting the relentless hordes of attacking faces! Begin the game by taking a photo.
Note: For more information about facial recognition, see page 100.
Take a photo then play the game,
moving the system around as you play!
After you win a stage, the face you used for that round will be saved. Collect lots of faces to unlock new stages and add more variety to
the enemies you encounter! Try taking pictures of your family and friends to expand your collection.
Activity Log
Daily Records Software Library
The Activity Log keeps track of the number of steps taken when you take your Nintendo 3DS XL system
out with you. It also records your play time on software titles.
Note: Steps are counted when the system is closed and the power is on.
Display the number of steps you’ve taken while carrying your
Nintendo 3DS XL system and the time you’ve spent on software
Display a list of software titles you’ve played, including the time
spent on each and the number of times it’s been played.
See the amount of time spent on each software title. See various charts related to the software you’ve used on
your system.
For detailed controls information, consult the electronic manual.
For detailed controls information, consult the electronic manual.