Nintendo SPR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Health and Safety Information
Health and Safety Information
Do not use while driving, cycling or walking
Use of the system while driving is an oence and it is dangerous.
Use of the system while walking or cycling can lead to accidents.
Be aware of your surroundings while using the system
Failing to take care could lead to injury, damage to household equipment and other
You will probably move around while using the camera function to take photographs
or play certain games, so be careful that all areas that you might move into are
clear. Make sure that furniture, objects and people are out of the play area so you
don’t accidentally bump into them while playing.
Do not expose the Nintendo 3DS XL system to high temperatures
The Nintendo 3DS XL system is designed for use at temperatures of 5– 35° C. Using the system in hot environments (e.g.
under a duvet or other non-ventilated environment) can lead to the system temperature rising sharply, which may cause
burns. Use of the system for prolonged periods while charging, can increase the temperature of the system. Touching the
system while it is hot may cause burns.
Use the stylus properly
Incorrect use can lead to injury or damage.
Do not use the stylus for any purpose other than to operate the Nintendo 3DS XL system.
Do not bend or apply unnecessary force to the stylus during use.
Do not use damaged or distorted styli.
Be sure to connect the AC adapter to the correct voltage (AC 220 – 240V)
Failure to do so could lead to re, overheating, electrocution and other malfunctions.
Do not use voltage transformers intended for use abroad or plugs that deliver reduced amounts of electricity.
Do not use the AC adapter if the cable or plug is damaged
Doing so can lead to re and / or electrocution.
Avoid tightly wrapping, treading on, pulling, twisting or making adjustments to the cord.
Avoid placing heavy objects on the cord, especially on the DC connector plug.
If the system has been damaged or the cord broken, do not attempt to use it.
Do not expose the cord to extreme heat sources such as heaters or stoves.
If the external exible cable or cord of the AC adapter becomes damaged, please contact Nintendo Customer Support for
information about replacement parts. In order to avoid any potential hazards, do not attempt to repair the adapter yourself.
If the system is charging while being used, be careful not to pull on or entangle the power cord.
Use of the AC adapter by children should only be allowed with the full supervision of a parent or legal guardian.
Keep the AC plug clean by wiping with a dry cloth
Attempting to use the system when it is unclean or dusty could lead to re, electrocution or short circuits.
Do not plug too many devices into the plug sockets or multi-plug adaptors, and do not connect multiple
multi-plugs together
Doing so could lead to re or electrocution.
Be sure to plug in and remove the AC adapter properly
Failure to do so could lead to re, electrocution or short circuits.
Failing to insert the AC adapter properly into the plug socket may allow metal objects (such as paperclips or metallic straps)
to come into contact with the prongs of the plug.
To remove the AC adapter, grip the body of the plug securely and pull it straight out of the plug socket.
If the system is to be used by children, a parent or legal guardian should ensure that they do not allow the child to touch
the prongs of the plug with metal objects when plugging the AC adapter in.
The AC adapter should be plugged into an easily accessible socket that is near the equipment to be charged.
Do not use the system with wet hands
This can lead to accidents, malfunction, injury or damage to property.
Do not apply unnecessary pressure to the LCD screens or subject them to extreme shock
Doing so could lead to injury or malfunction.
If the LCD screens should break, avoid contact with any leaking uid. Repair of damaged LCD screens is not covered by the
warranty and must be paid for separately.
Do not put the system into your back pocket
Subjecting the system and LCD screens to excessive force, for example sitting on
them, can damage them and lead to injury or malfunction.
Keep your ngers clear of the hinge
Purchase a strong wrist strap
Should you use a wrist strap, please be aware that home-made or weak straps may break, leading to injury or damage.
Do not swing the system by its strap
Doing so could lead to the strap breaking and the system being dropped or thrown. This could result in damage to the
system or surrounding objects, and injury to yourself or others.