Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

Adjusting System Settings
Adjusting System Settings
Signal Strength
Weaker Stronger
About the and icons
Access points marked with require you to enter the
security key registered with the access point.
Signal Strength Icons
Internet Settings
The icon is an indicator of the current wireless signal strength. There are four levels of signal strength. Stronger reception will provide
smoother wireless communications play.
Note: Nintendo DS software only supports WEP. To connect to the internet using Nintendo DS software, touch NINTENDO DS CONNECTIONS to set up an
access point using WEP (page 77).
Security Types
The Nintendo 3DS system is compatible with the following security types. You must choose the correct security type for your access point
to be able to establish a connection.
Set whether to receive software automatically and whether to send system information to Nintendo.
Select AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS, and then YES, and you will be able to receive soft-
ware distributed via SpotPass.
Select SENDING OF SYSTEM INFORMATION and then YES, and information about software you
play and your system settings, etc. will be sent to Nintendo automatically. This information
will be used to help in the development of future products.
Internet Settings
Set up an internet connection for use with Nintendo DS software.
Note: The only access point security type supported by Nintendo DS software is WEP.
An error message and error code will appear if the internet connection settings are incorrect or if the connection test fails.
Follow the instructions given in the on-screen error message.
For error codes that appear when playing Nintendo DSi software
The internet connection congured for the Nintendo 3DS system may not be correct. Select CONNECTION TEST from Internet Settings to
start the connection test, then follow the instructions given in the error message.
Refer to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Instruction Booklet
included with Nintendo DS software titles for details on how
to connect
Note: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection conguration cannot be deleted or moved from the
Nintendo DS Connections option on the Nintendo 3DS system.
For error codes that appear when setting up Nintendo DS Connections or when
playing Nintendo DS software
Nintendo DS Connections may not have been congured correctly. Check the Nintendo Wi-Fi
Connection Instruction Booklet included with Nintendo DS software for details on the error code
SpotPass Settings
If an Error Code Appears
Nintendo DS Connections
Security Strength
Secured access point. A key is required.
Key not required.