Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Mii Maker
Create Mii characters for yourself, family members and friends using the wealth of facial features available!
Use a Photo Register up to 100!
These Mii characters can even show up in Mii-compatible games!
Take a photo of your face to create your Mii, then tweak the facial
features as much as you want. You can also design a new Mii from
You can register up to 100 Mii characters in Mii Maker.
You can also receive Mii characters from a friend’s Nintendo 3DS system or from the Mii Channel on the Wii™ console.
The screenshots above are from PILOTWINGS RESORT™ for Nintendo 3DS.
StreetPass Mii Plaza
Bring Mii characters together in the plaza! Mii characters you meet through StreetPass (page 9) and
wireless play will appear here – and you can even play some simple games via StreetPass!
Use StreetPass to collect Mii characters and send
your StreetPass Mii to others!
Puzzle Swap StreetPass Quest
Mii characters will gather here. These Mii characters may be from StreetPass Mii Plaza, or even from other software titles.
Play Games
Play some small games with the Mii characters you encounter!
For detailed controls information, consult the electronic manual.For detailed controls information, consult the electronic manual.
All Mii features and likenesses are the intellectual property of Nintendo and cannot be distributed freely or used for personal gain.