Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

Adjusting System Settings
Adjusting System Settings
Internet Settings
Connect your Nintendo 3DS system to the internet to open up even more options.
There are lots of fun and useful options to enjoy, such as shopping for content using Nintendo eShop, receiving notications and free software
through SpotPass and playing online with people all over the world.
Nintendo eShop SpotPass
Purchase content for your Nintendo 3DS system, such as
Nintendo 3DS download software, Nintendo DSiWare and classic
games from other systems with Virtual Console (page 64).
By leaving your system turned on, it can automatically receive data
even if the system is closed (page 8).
Online Play Internet Browser
Connect to the internet to play with friends and people all over
the world.
Note: Functionality diers depending on the software. For more
information, please refer to the software manual.
Gives you easy access to online content.
Internet Settings
Internet Settings
A wireless connection is required to connect your Nintendo 3DS system to the internet. A computer is needed to congure the settings on your
wireless access point (router).
internet connection
and / or router
Broadband internet connection
(ADSL, cable or bre optic)
Required Items for Internet Connection
Wireless access points
It is easiest to connect to wireless access points which support AOSS™ or Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS).
Use an access point which supports the 802.11b and / or 802.11g standards. Access points which only support 802.11a
are incompatible.
To see a list of compatible access points (routers) that have been conrmed to work with the Nintendo 3DS system,