Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Friend List Settings
Online Oine
Friend List
When a friend goes online, the information shown on his / her friend card changes and you can see the title he / she is currently playing, if any.
To see a friend’s online status, that friend must have selected YES when asked if they want to show friends their online status. This can be changed
at any time in the friend list settings.
To participate in the game your friend is playing, you must have the same Game Card inserted in your system, or have the same software saved on
your system.
If you are currently using a software title which cannot connect to the internet, you will not be able to go online.
Joining a Friend’s Game
If you can join in a game that one of your friends is playing, the information shown on his / her friend
card will change. Touch JOIN FRIEND’S GAME to join the game.
Note: You can only join if you have a compatible software title. For more information, refer to the software
instruction manual.
Communicating with Friends
Choose whether to show your online status and
the title you’re playing.
Delete friend cards from your list.
Note: Friends will not be notied if their friend
cards are deleted.
Friend List
Notication LED
The notication LED on the system will ash orange for ve
seconds when a friend goes online.
If a friend is playing a game you can join, a
will appear
over the
Friend Card Order
When you are online, friend cards will be displayed in the following order:
Your friend card
Friends whose game you can join Friends playing a game Online friends Oine friends
Provisionally registered friends
Set your status notications and delete friends from your friend list.