Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

How to Recharge your Nintendo 3DS System
You must charge the battery pack before you use your Nintendo 3DS system for the rst time.
Recharging Time: 3 Hrs 30 Mins (Approx.)
The system takes approximately 3 hours 30 minutes to fully recharge when o. Charging time may vary if the system is being
used while charging, or depending on the level of charge remaining in the battery.
Recharging Temperature: 5 – 35 degrees Celsius
Attempting to charge the battery pack while the ambient temperature is outside this range may degrade the battery pack and
prevent it from charging. If the ambient temperature is low, the batteries may not charge completely.
Repeated Recharging and Battery Life
Battery life decreases slightly over time as the battery is continually used and recharged. After 500 recharges, battery life may be
reduced to 70% of the battery life at the time of purchase.
Greatly Decreased Usage Time
If you feel the usage time has noticeably reduced, replace the battery pack. Replacement battery packs are sold separately (page 92).
Please contact Nintendo Customer Support for further information on where to purchase a replacement (pages 109 – 111).
Charging cradle
AC plug connectors
Detach from the charging cradle
starting with the rear of the system
Recharge LED lit
(The LED will go out when
charging is complete.)
DC plug
(logo facing upwards)
Connect the DC connector plug to the charging cradle
Be sure the DC connector plug is the right way up before inserting it into the charging cradle to avoid damaging either the DC connector plug
or charging cradle.
Be sure to place the charging cradle on a level surface.
Place starting from front edge
Place the Nintendo 3DS system on top of the charging cradle
Note: Place the front edge of the system into the cradle rst. Starting from the back or sides may
not allow the system to sit correctly in the cradle, and using excessive force to correctly position
the system in such cases may cause damage.
Insert the AC adapter plug into a standard 220 – 240V AC plug socket
Be sure the AC adapter plug is fully inserted. Please see pages 16 – 20 for precautions regarding use of the AC adapter.
When Recharging is Complete
Remove the AC adapter plug from the plug socket and take the Nintendo 3DS system o
of the charging cradle.
Note: If you play a game while the system is recharging, the recharge LED may not always turn
o once charging has completed. This is not a malfunction.
Recharging using the AC Adapter
The Nintendo 3DS can also be recharged by plugging the AC adapter directly into the system. To do this,
simply connect the DC connector plug into the AC adapter connector on the rear of the system.
Note: To detach the system from the AC adapter, hold the system and the DC connector plug, not the cable, while
you remove it.
Note: The illustration above shows the UK version of the AC adapter.