Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

Touch Screen Controls
Using the Touch Screen
Component Names and Functions
Using the Touch Screen
The lower screen, or Touch Screen, is touch sensitive. For software that supports this control
feature, use the included Nintendo 3DS stylus.
SD Card Slot
(Page 34)
Used for inserting SD Cards (SD Memory
Cards / SDHC Memory Cards). The in-
cluded SD Card comes pre-inserted
into the system.
Wrist Strap Attachment
For attachment of a wrist strap
(sold separately).
Infrared Transceiver
Sends and receives signals for software with
infrared functionality.
Stylus Holder (Page 25)
Used to store the Nintendo 3DS stylus.
L Button
Battery Cover (Page 92)
Can be removed to replace the Nintendo 3DS Battery Pack.
Note: Please refrain from removing unless it is absolutely
Cradle Connector
(Page 27)
Allows recharging via the Nintendo 3DS
charging cradle (included).
AC Adapter Connector
(Page 27)
Allows connection of the Nintendo 3DS
AC adapter (included).
Camera LED
This LED lights up when the
outer cameras are in use.
Remove the Nintendo 3DS stylus from the stylus holder and
adjust it to the desired length.
Before replacing the stylus in the stylus holder, put it back to its shortest
length. Then place it rmly inside.
Note: Do not attempt to place anything other than the Nintendo 3DS stylus
(CTR-004) into the stylus holder.
Gently pressing the Touch Screen
with the stylus is called “touching”
(or “tapping”).
Tracing over the Touch Screen with
the stylus held gently against it is
called “sliding”.
The following terms are used to describe the use of the stylus on the Touch Screen in this manual.
Outer Cameras (Page 58)
Used by software with camera functionality.
These two cameras allow 3D photographs /
videos to be taken.
Game Card Slot (Page 45)
For loading Nintendo 3DS Game Cards, Nintendo DS Game Cards,
Nintendo DSi Game Cards and Nintendo DSi enhanced Game Cards.
R Button
If you cannot operate the Touch Screen properly
Go to the HOME Menu and into the System Settings, then select TOUCH SCREEN to calibrate the Touch Screen (page 83). If you are having
trouble operating the HOME Menu via the Touch Screen, you can start the system on the Touch Screen Calibration Screen by pressing the
POWER Button while pressing and holding L Button + R Button + X Button.
While holding down the L, R and X Buttons... the POWER Button.