Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Viewing Photos and Videos
Photo Video
Select VIDEO TOOLS to play the video with
extra options.
Nintendo 3DS Camera
You can also view a slideshow, which will automatically transition between your photos and videos.
Touch a thumbnail to display the photo / video.
Grati Tweaking Videos
Touch VIEW PHOTOS / VIDEOS to view the photos and videos you’ve taken.
Extra Features
Create your own unique images by decorating your photos. Adjust the playback speed and sound pitch, or even play videos
in reverse!
Nintendo 3DS Sound
Listen to Music
This software contains two StreetPass features: StreetPass Hit Parade and StreetPass
Compatibility. StreetPass Hit Parade lets you see the most popular songs around, while
StreetPass Compatibility compares your music tastes with other users.
To use these features, add music to a StreetPass playlist and activate StreetPass.
Record Sounds
With Nintendo 3DS Sound, you can play music stored on SD Cards. You can also record sounds using
the microphone and then edit them to create entirely new sounds!
Note: For information on the types of music le that can be played, consult the electronic manual.
Listen to music stored on an SD Card. You can adjust the music as
you go along, such as changing playback speed and sound pitch,
and turning on a karaoke mode.
You can record sounds of up to 10 seconds. You can then adjust the
sound by changing playback speed, sound pitch and even voice.
For detailed controls information, consult the electronic manual.