Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Enjoy games in vivid 3D (page 32).
Note: 3D content will only be displayed on Nintendo 3DS software titles. Nintendo DS™ / Nintendo DSi software titles cannot display 3D content.
Take 3D photos and videos using the two outer cameras (page 58).
Outer cameras
Use software from other systems in the Nintendo DS family (page 44).
Nintendo 3DS software Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi software
The following software comes pre-installed on the system.
Take 3D photos and videos using this application. Page 58
Listen to music and record sounds. Page 61
Make yourself and other people into Mii™ characters! Page 62
Mii characters you meet through StreetPass will appear here.
Page 63
Record the number of steps you take while carrying your
Nintendo 3DS system and the length of time you spend using
software. Page 67
A shooting game that turns your face, or the faces of your friends,
to the enemies! Page 66
Use the AR Cards that come with the system together with the outer
as to create believable augmented reality games. Page 65
View information and videos about various software, and
wnload new software. Page 64
The downloadable title Nintendo Letter Box is pre-installed on the SD Card.
There may also be other downloadable content pre-installed on the SD Card, such as 3D videos. Such 3D videos can be played by selecting
their icons from the HOME Menu.
Note: If you delete Nintendo Letter Box or other pre-installed downloadable content, they can be redownloaded from Nintendo eShop. (There are
certain cases where software may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn from Nintendo eShop. Should this happen, you will no longer be able
to redownload that software.)
Exchange handwritten letters with registered friends (page 49) using SpotPass and
StreetPass functionality.
For detailed information on this software, refer to its electronic manual (page 40).
For more information on downloadable software, see page 47.