Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the Nintendo 3DS™ system. Please read this Operations Manual before use, paying careful attention to the
Health and Safety Information section on pages 12 – 21, and follow all the instructions carefully. If this product is to be used by
young children, this manual should be read and explained to them by an adult. Please keep this manual for future reference.
Note: In this manual, the term “Nintendo DSi™ system” also refers to the Nintendo DSi™ XL system.
Set Contents
Before using this system, ensure that the contents listed below are all present.
Nintendo 3DS system x 1
Nintendo 3DS charging cradle x 1
Nintendo 3DS AC adapter x 1
(WAP-002(UKV) / WAP-002(EUR))
Note: The Nintendo DSi Power Supply is also compatible with this system.
Nintendo 3DS stylus x 1
Note: The stylus is located in the stylus holder next to the Game Card slot (page 25).
SD Memory Card (2GB) x 1
Note: The SD Card is inserted in the SD Card slot (page 34).
The SD Card is a third-party accessory not manufactured by Nintendo.
AR Cards x 6
Note: These are used in conjunction with the built-in application,
AR Games: Augmented Reality (page 65).
Quick-Start Guide x 1
Nintendo 3DS Operations Manual x 1
Parental Controls Leaet x 1
Here is what you can do with your Nintendo 3DS system!
Displays 3D images (page 32) Adjusts the strength of the 3D images (page 33)
Allows for precision movement (page 23) Touch-sensitive screen that allows you to control
software using touching and sliding (page 25)
Displays the HOME Menu (page 36)
The use of the 3D feature by children aged six and under may cause vision damage. Therefore it is recommended that:
Only children over six should use the system in 3D mode.
If children aged six and under have access to the system, parents or legal guardians should restrict the display of
3D images using the Parental Controls feature (page 78).
3D depth slider
Circle Pad
3D Screen
HOME Button
Touch Screen