Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

Component Names and Functions
Component Names and Functions
Component Names and Functions
The functions of these components are explained in this Operations Manual.
Notication LED
Noties you of the status of the system by ashing and changing colour.
Received SpotPass notication
(ashes blue for ve seconds) (Page 54)
Received StreetPass communication
(ashes green for ve seconds) (Page 54)
Friend has come online
(ashes orange for ve seconds) (Page 53)
Battery power is low
(ashes red) (Page 31)
3D Depth Slider (Page 33)
Adjusts the depth of 3D images.
LCD Screen (3D Screen) (Page 32)
Displays 3D content.
LCD Screen (Touch Screen) (Page 25)
Touch sensitive screen that enables for tactile interaction.
Inner Camera
Used by software with camera functionality.
HOME Button (
) (Page 36)
Displays the HOME Menu.
Volume Control
Slide to adjust the volume.
Note: The camera’s shutter sound will always
be played at a xed volume, regardless of the
current volume setting.
3D LED (Page 33)
Lights up when 3D content is being displayed on
the 3D Screen.
Used by software with microphone functionality.
Wireless LED ( )
Lights up yellow when wireless communication
is enabled, and remains o when wireless
communication is disabled. Flashes yellow
when data is being sent or received.
Note: When in Sleep Mode, the wireless LED
will light or ash more dimly.
Wireless Switch
Activate / deactivate wireless communication.
Note: To use this feature with Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi
software titles, it must be activated before starting the game.
Pushing the wireless switch after loading a software title
will not enable wireless communication functionality.
POWER Button ( ) (Page 28)
Power LED (
) (Page 31)
Lights up when the power is on.
Recharge LED ( ) (Page 27)
Lights up orange while the battery is recharging.
- Control Pad
Speaker (R)Speaker (L)
Circle Pad
Used by software that supports
Circle Pad input.
Note: If the Circle Pad is not working
properly, please refer to page 96.
Audio Jack
For connection of commercially available
stereo headphones. When connected, no
sound will be played through the speakers.
Note: Please use accessories that are licensed
by Nintendo.
Control Buttons
(A, B, X and Y Buttons)