Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
The HOME Menu is displayed when you turn on the power. Everything on the Nintendo 3DS system
can be accessed from here.
Software titles can be launched from the HOME Menu by touching the icon that corresponds to the title you want to play. The HOME Menu
also shows the time and date, current wireless communication mode and the number of steps you’ve taken that day.
Look out for
on a software icon to instantly tell when a title has received new information or an update via SpotPass.
Wireless communication
mode (Page 37)
Play Coins / Today’s steps
Date and time
Screen brightness /
Power-saving mode
(Page 40)
Adjust software icon display
(Page 37)
Software icons (Page 38)
New notications for software titles are
indicated with
/ on the software
icon (page 54).
Game Notes
(Page 48)
Friend list
(Page 49)
(Page 54)
Internet browser
(Page 56)
Press the L or R Buttons to activate the cameras and take photos (page 41).
Content displayed on the upper screen diers according to the software being used. The display rotates more quickly when the microphone picks up
more noise.
Play Coins / Today’s steps
If you walk around with your Nintendo 3DS system, it will count your steps. Every 100 steps you take, you earn a Play Coin. You can earn
up to 10 Play Coins per day, and a maximum of 300 in total. These can then be used in compatible software titles.
Steps are counted when the system is closed and the power is on.
A maximum of seven days’ worth of step data can be recorded while Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi software titles are left running. You will have to
turn the software o once before you can record more.
StreetPass (Page 37)
Signal strength (internet)
(Page 76)
Signal strength (local wireless)
(Page 37)
Battery charge
Almost empty
Recharging (ashing)
Recharging complete
Scrolling / Adjusting and Moving Software Icons
Touch an icon, then slide the stylus to the left or right to scroll
through the available software icons. Touching
/ on the
sides of the screen has the same function.
Adjusting the Display and Moving Software Icons
Adjusting software icon display
Touch / to change the layout of the software icons shown on screen.
Moving software icons
To move an icon, touch and hold the stylus over the icon until it
detaches, then drag it to where you want to place it and release
the stylus.
Dragging an icon on top of another icon will swap the two icons.
Wireless communication modes
Touch Slide
This indicates that an internet connection has been established (page 70).
This indicates that the system is searching for other users who have StreetPass activated (page 9).
Registering Nintendo 3DS software for use with StreetPass allows the system to automatically search
for other users to exchange information with. This status will be shown together with
This indicates that the system is communicating with other Nintendo 3DS systems in your vicinity.
Features such as local friend registration (page 50) and Download Play (page 68) options make use
of the local wireless function. During wireless communication mode, the signal-strength icon
displayed. Stronger signal strength means better data transmissions.
will be displayed when wireless communication is enabled, and
when it is disabled. Use the wireless switch to enable / disable wireless communication (page 22).
will be shown when enabled, and when disabled.