Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Friend List
You are not yet registered on the other system
Your friend will be provisionally registered. Enter the name of the person you
want to register. (When the person registers you in return, the status will change
and you will become fully registered friends. That person’s name and Mii will
then be displayed.)
You are already registered
on the other system
The data from the other person’s friend card
will be received automatically and they will be
registered as a friend.
You can register up to 100 friends on your friend list.
Touch LOCAL to connect to another Nintendo 3DS user within range and register each other.
Find the friend card of the person you want to register as a friend and touch it.
Your friend cards will be exchanged and you will be registered on each other’s friend lists.
Touch INTERNET to register friends by exchanging friend codes.
You can check your friend code by looking at your friend card.
Enter the friend code belonging to the person you want to register.
Friend Registration
Friend List
Select your friend card from the friend list to edit your details, or view friend cards belonging to other people. Your friend card is indicated by .
Editing your friend card
Select your friend card to edit your message and favourite title.
Choose your favourite title (from
software titles you’ve played).
Enter a status message of up to
16 characters. This will be visible
to your friends.
The friend’s favourite title or title he /
she is currently playing will be displayed
on the upper screen.
Viewing friend cards
Select the friend card you’d like to view.
Touch in the lower screen to register a new friend.
Please refrain from including personal information or language that other people may nd oensive in your status messages. Certain words are
prohibited by the system and cannot be entered.
If you receive a Mii whose name is shown as ???, this means that the creator is probably a blocked user. For more information, please refer to the
Mii Maker electronic manual.
Editing Your Friend Card / Viewing Friend Cards
Do not share your friend code with people you do not know
The friend list is a system intended for use by you and people you know. Posting your friend code on online forums or sharing it with people
you do not know can result in you receiving unwanted data or status messages containing language that you may nd oensive. Do not
share your friend code with people you do not know.