Nintendo CTR-001 Handheld Game System User Manual

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Using Software
Using Software
Software Icons Opening Software
Nintendo 3DS
Game Card
Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi
Game Card
Free software received via SpotPass and software downloaded via Nintendo eShop are added as icons on the HOME Menu.
A maximum of 300 items can be stored on an SD Card. The dierent types of software title icon are explained below.
Card software icons
The software title’s icon appears after a Game Card is inserted
into the Game Card slot.
Gift icon
This icon appears when a new application is added to the HOME Menu. Touch a gift icon to unwrap it.
Note: The icon will ash if the application has not yet nished downloading. Place the system into Sleep Mode within range of a compatible
internet access point to complete the download.
Health and Safety Information
Read important health and safety information for your
Nintendo 3DS Camera (Page 58)
Take 3D photos and videos using this application.
Nintendo 3DS Sound (Page 61)
Listen to music and record sounds.
Mii Maker (Page 62)
Make yourself and other people into Mii characters!
Nintendo eShop (Page 64)
View information and videos about various software, and
download new software.
StreetPass Mii Plaza (Page 63)
Mii characters you meet through StreetPass (page 9) will
appear here.
System Settings (Page 69)
Adjust Nintendo 3DS system settings.
Activity Log (Page 67)
Record the number of steps you take while carrying your
Nintendo 3DS system and the length of time you spend
using software.
Download Play (Page 68)
Download demos and play multiplayer games!
Face Raiders (Page 66)
A shooting game that turns your face, or the faces of your
friends, into the enemies!
AR Games: Augmented Reality (Page 65)
Use the AR Cards together with the outer cameras to create
believable augmented reality games.
Built-in application icons
Touch the software icon, then touch OPEN.
Closing / Suspending software
Press the HOME Button during game play to suspend a software title and display
the HOME Menu. Touch RESUME or press the HOME Button again to resume play, or
touch CLOSE on the HOME Menu to close the software.
When suspended…
When a software title is suspended, you can adjust screen brightness and also access
Game Notes, the friend list, Notications, the internet browser,
camera mode and instruction manuals. Other software titles can be launched, but you
must close the suspended title to do this.
Depending on the state of the software (wireless communication or outer cameras in use, etc.), the HOME Menu may not be displayed, or certain functions
may not be accessible. Some software titles do not make use of certain HOME Menu functions.
Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi software titles cannot be suspended.
Save before closing software
Any unsaved data will be lost if you close a software title without saving.
Do not remove suspended software or turn o the power
Do not remove suspended Game Card software, SD Card, or turn the power o while in this state. Doing so can cause data corruption or loss.
Any software or video content that is pre-installed on the SD Card will also be displayed on the HOME Menu (page 7).