Nintendo MAA-RVO-S-USZ-C0 Handheld Game System User Manual

System Setup
System Setup
System Setup
Wii AC Adapter
Sensor Bar cable position
If desired, the Sensor Bar cable can be fed through a channel on the bottom of the
Sensor Bar to orient the cable to the left or right.
1. Insert the DC plug on the Wii AC Adapter cord into the DC input connector on the
back of the console.
2. Insert the AC plug into a 120V AC wall outlet. Make sure the power is off (the
Power LED is red) when unplugging the AC Adapter.
CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, match the wide blade of the plug to the
wide slot and insert fully into outlet.
120 V AC outlet
DC Input Connector
Input Select Information
The input select allows you to switch between the different inputs on your TV or VCR.
Manufacturers of TVs and VCRs use different names and locations for “input select.”
The common names for the input select are: input, select, input select, line, line in,
source, in, EXT, and AUX. Consult your TV or VCR instruction manual for details.
NOTE: More information on “Input Select” is available on our web site at
Locate the input select for the component that the Wii AV Cable is connected to (either
the TV or VCR). The most common locations for input select are:
• A button on the front of the TV or VCR.
• A button on the remote control.
• A high-numbered or low numbered channel (92, 99, 00, or 02) on the TV or VCR.
• An on-screen menu selection.
TV and Audio/Video Settings
After you have completed all steps of the setup procedure and are ready to
use the Wii system, you will need to set the appropriate “input select”
setting for your TV, VCR or other audio equipment.
1. Turn ON the power for your TV and any audio equipment connected to your
gameplay setup and the power on the Wii mini console.
2. Select the correct input setting for your TV (see Input Select Information at right).
3. The Wii Menu (see below) should appear on the TV screen. See the e-manual
for more information on this feature.
If the Wii Menu screen does not appear, check to make sure your input setting is
correct and review the Troubleshooting section on page 27.