Nintendo MAA-RVO-S-USZ-C0 Handheld Game System User Manual

The official seal is your assurance
that this product is licensed or
manufactured by Nintendo.
Always look for this seal when
buying video game systems,
accessories, games and related products.
Health and Safety Information 2–3
System Components
Wii mini Console 4–5
Wii Remote Plus 6
Nunchuk™ 7
Sensor Bar 7
Wii AC Adapter 8
Wii AV Cable 8
System Setup
Wii mini Console 9
Wii AV Cable 10
Sensor Bar 11–14
Wii AC Adapter 14
TV and Audio/Video Settings 15
Setup of Wii Remote Plus 16–18
Synchronizing Your Wii Remote Plus and Wii mini Console 19–20
Using Game Discs 21
Wii System Play Guidelines 22
Using the Wii Remote Plus 23–24
Using the Nunchuk 25–26
Troubleshooting 27–29
FCC Information 30
Warranty and Service Information 31
Error Messages 32-33
Error Codes 34
To protect your health and safety, and for correct
use of the Wii mini system (the “Wii system”),
please read and follow the instructions in this
operations manual before setup or use.
Throughout this manual, you will see this symbol followed by WARNING or
CAUTION. These terms have different levels of meaning:
WARNING - Warns you about incorrect use of the Wii system that could result in
serious personal injury.
CAUTION - Cautions you about incorrect use of the Wii system that could result in
personal injury or damage to the Wii system, components, game discs or accessories.
Before allowing any child to use the Wii system, a parent or other responsible
adult should determine whether the Wii system is appropriate for the child.
Only children who are old enough and capable of wearing the wrist strap and
properly gripping the Wii Remote Plus should use the system. You should
also consider whether children should be supervised while playing games.
Be sure to explain all safety and health information and instructions to any
children who are going to use the system. Failure to do so may result in
injuries or damage to the system or other property.
NOTE: This product only plays Wii Game Discs labeled with “For use only in USA,
Canada, Mexico and Latin America”. This product does not play CD or DVD discs. This
Wii mini console is for use only in the United States, Canada, Mexico or Latin America.
TM, ® and the Wii logo are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2012 Nintendo. Elements of the Wii mini console are
patent pending, both in the United States and internationally.
Product recycling information:
• This Wii system does not connect to the Internet or support any
online features in games. Because Wii mini doesn’t come with
internet features, Wi-Fi features, WiiConnect24, nor SD card slot,
some of the software features will be disabled.
• This Wii system is not compatible with Nintendo GameCube
Game Discs or accessories.
• The instructions for operating the Wii Menu and the pre-installed
software are available electronically on your console. Using the
Wii Remote Plus
controller, point at theWii Menu Manu-
aliconand press the A Button. Then select Start on the channel
preview screen to open the manual.
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