Nintendo MAA-RVO-S-USZ-C0 Handheld Game System User Manual

System Setup
System Setup
System Setup
WARNING - Battery Leakage
Setup of Wii Remote Plus
The Wii Remote™ Plus comes with the Wii Remote jacket installed.
• BesurethattheWiiRemotejacketisinstalledduringgameplaytoreduce
the risk of harm to the remote, surrounding objects, or people.
• ItmaybenecessarytoremovetheWiiRemotejacket–forexample,to
replace the batteries in the Wii Remote Plus. If you do remove the Wii
Remote jacket, be sure to replace it before further play.
Wii Remote Jacket
Installing Batteries
The Wii Remote Plus uses AA batteries. Nintendo recommends high quality alkaline
batteries for best performance and longevity of battery life. If you use rechargeable
nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s
guidelines for safety and proper usage.
Leakage of battery fluid can cause personal injury as well as damage to your remote.
If battery leakage occurs, thoroughly wash the affected skin and clothes. Keep battery
fluid away from your eyes and mouth. Leaking batteries may make popping sounds.
To avoid battery leakage:
• Do not mix used and new batteries (replace all batteries at the same time).
• Do not mix different brands of batteries.
• Nintendo recommends alkaline batteries. Do not use Lithium ion, nickel cadmium
(nicad), or carbon zinc batteries.
• Do not leave batteries in the remote for long periods of non-use.
• Do not recharge alkaline or non-rechargeable batteries.
• Do not put the batteries in backwards. Make sure that the positive (+) and
negative (-) ends are facing in the correct directions. Insert the negative end first.
When removing batteries, remove the positive end first.
• Do not use damaged, deformed or leaking batteries.
• Do not dispose of batteries in a re.
1. Pull the Wii Remote jacket
off the base of the Wii
Remote Plus and pull the
wrist strap out of the hole
in the bottom of the jacket.
2. Pull the jacket up the remote far
enough to expose the entire
battery cover and remove the cover.
3. Insert the batteries into the battery
chamber. Be sure to insert the
minus (–) end first when inserting
new batteries, and remove the
plus (+) end first when replacing
the batteries.
4. Replace the battery cover, thread
the wrist strap through the hole in
the bottom of the jacket and pull
the jacket back over the bottom of
the remote.
5. If you remove the jacket from the
remote, replace it by inserting the
top of the remote into the large
hole on the front of the jacket.
Be sure to push it all the way into
the inside of the jacket.
6. Thread the wrist strap throught
hole in the bottom of the jacket,
as shown in step 4, above.
7. Insert the connector cover into the
External Extension Connector on
the bottom of the remote.
NOTE: Battery life can be checked by pressing the HOME Button.
See the Wii Menu Manual for more information.