Nintendo 148Hx210W Video Game Console User Manual

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Power Button
Press to turn the Wii console ON or OFF.
Pointer Lens
B Button
Strap Lock
Wrist Strap
Wrist Strap cord
Wii Remote
Wrist Strap
See page 23 for
information on wrist
strap use.
A Button
Minus (–) Button
HOME Button
Press to display the HOME Menu screen.
See page 64, Wii Operations Manual -
Channel and Settings, for more information.
Plus (+) Button
1 Button
2 Button
Player LEDs
Indicate which player the
remote is set up for.
Control Pad
Wii Remote
(Shown with the Wii MotionPlus accessory removed and the Wii Remote jacket attached.)
Wii MotionPlus (Shown with the Wii Remote removed.)
External Extension
Allows connection of external
accessories such as the Nunchuk.
Used when synchronizing
a Wii Remote with the
console. See pages 24-25.
NOTE: The Power Button on the Wii Remote
controller can be pressed through the jacket.
Wii MotionPlus connector plug
Plugs into the External Extension Connector on
the bottom of the Wii Remote.
Lock Release buttons
Press when attaching or removing Wii MotionPlus
from the Wii Remote.
Lock Switch
Slide towards the top of the Wii Remote to lock
Wii MotionPlus into place.
Jacket slots
Tabs on the bottom of the sensor
unit fit into these slots.
Bottom view
Connector cover
Bottom view
Connector cover
Connector cover
Protects the External Extension
Connector on the bottom of Wii
External Extension Connector
For connecting accessories such as the
Nunchuk and Wii Classic Controller.
Connector cover cord
Insert this cord into the Connector
Hook on the plug of the accessory
being plugged into the connector.
Wrist Strap slot
Pass the wrist strap through when installing
Wii MotionPlus onto the Wii Remote.
Lock fingers
Insert into the holes on the bottom of the
Wii Remote.
Sensor unit
Front view Back view
To take advantage of the features of the Wii MotionPlus accessory, you must use Wii game software that supports Wii MotionPlus gameplay features. Look for this icon
on game packaging for games that are designed to be used with Wii MotionPlus.
NOTE: Your Wii Remote will still function normally with games that do not include Wii MotionPlus gameplay features. The Wii Remote does not need
to be disconnected from Wii MotionPlus once it is installed, unless you are using your Wii Remote with the Wii Zapper™, Wii Wheel™, or other
accessories that attach in a similar way.
Wii Operations Manual