Nintendo 148Hx210W Video Game Console User Manual

Wii Console Usage Precautions
Please read and follow the precautions listed below when
setting up and using the Wii console. Failure to do so
may result in damage to your Wii system or accessories.
Do not use any AC Adapter other than the one provided with your system.
The console has intake and exhaust vents designed to maintain adequate
ventilation. Do not operate the console in any location where these vents may
become covered or obstructed, for example, on carpet or in a tightly enclosed
space. Keep vents clear of any dust or other foreign material.
Do not disassemble or try to repair the Wii console, accessories or components.
Doing so voids your warranty.
After you have finished playing, be sure to remove the Game Disc from the
Do not store the Wii console in a humid place, on the floor, or in any location
where it may collect dirt, dust, lint, etc.
Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the Wii console, components or accessories.
When disconnecting any plugs from the console or wall outlet, first turn the
Wii console off. Then carefully pull by the plug itself rather than by the cord.
Do not step on, sharply pull or bend any wire or cables.
Do not expose the Wii console, components or accessories to extreme heat or cold.
Do not spill any liquids on the Wii console, components or accessories.
To clean, use a soft slightly damp cloth. Use water only. Allow to dry completely
before using.
Vertical Horizontal
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System Setup
System Setup
Wii Console Placement
NOTE: Choose a location to set up the console that has enough room to allow
for free flow of ventilation around the console.
The Wii console can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position. If located in a vertical
position, it should be placed in the Wii console stand.
The console can be damaged if knocked over, especially if this occurs during
operation of the disk drive. The Wii stand plate has been included to increase
stability of the Wii console, and should be used if the console is placed in a
vertical position.
CAUTION - Console Damage
1. Attach the Wii stand plate to the bottom of the
console stand by inserting the prongs into the
slots as shown above.
2. Firmly slide the stand plate into slots in the
direction shown.
3. Place the console stand on a flat surface and place
the console into the stand. Lower the console
straight down into the console stand rather
than sliding it in from the front.
Horizontal Placement
Place the Wii console on a flat horizontal surface. Retain the Wii console stand and
stand plate for future use in case you want to switch the orientation of the console.
System Setup
Vertical Placement (NOTE: These components come already assembled. If they become separated, see instructions below to reattach.)
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