Nintendo 148Hx210W Video Game Console User Manual

For best operation, play
directly in front of the TV.
Recommended distance: 3’– 10’
(from Sensor Bar to Wii Remote)
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Using Game Discs
Using Game Discs
Wii System Play Guidelines
Playing a Wii or Nintendo GameCube
Game Disc
Before Inserting a Disc
Turn ON the power for your TV and any audio equipment connected to your
gameplay setup.
Select the correct input setting for your TV. (See page 18, TV and Audio/Video
Insert a Game Disc
Insert your Game Disc into the Game Disc slot on the front of the console. The Wii
console will turn ON automatically.
If your console is placed vertically, the disc label will face to the right.
If your console is placed horizontally, the disc label will face upwards.
Starting the Game
1. Using the Wii Remote, move the cursor over the Disc Channel option on the
Wii Menu screen and press the A Button to make a selection.
NOTE: Please read the Disc Channel section in the Operations
manual included with your Wii system for complete informa-
tion on using Game Discs in the Wii console.
2. Select “PLAY” on the game title screen to begin the game. Review the
instruction booklet for the game you are playing for specific game
Game Disc Usage Precautions
Please read and follow the precautions listed below when using Wii or
GameCube Game Discs in the Wii Console. Failure to do so may result in
damage to your Wii system or game discs.
To avoid pinching your finger, do not load the disc with your finger in the
hole. Always handle the disc by the edges.
Do not touch the bottom unprinted surface of the Game Disc. Always handle
the disc by the edges.
Do not use cracked, deformed or repaired discs.
Do not bend or put excessive pressure on discs when loading into console.
Do not leave discs in direct sunlight or expose them to high temperatures,
high humidity or dust, dirt or other contaminates.
When not using discs, store them in their cases to prevent them from getting
scratched, dirty or damaged.
Do not write on, or place stickers on any part of the disc.
If a disc becomes dirty or contaminated with fingerprints, the system may not
be able to read the game data correctly. If necessary, clean the disc with a
soft, slightly damp cotton cloth (use water only). Clean the disc from center
towards the edges; do not use a circular motion.
Wii System Play Guidelines
CAUTION - Adequate Space Required
Be sure you have enough space around you during game play.
To avoid injury or damage, make sure other people or objects are
not within your range of motion.
For best results when using the Wii system, follow these recommendations.
For best use of the Wii Remote, follow these guidelines:
Avoid blocking the signal between the remote, the Sensor Bar and the Wii console
with objects.
Use the remote the correct distance from the Sensor Bar. The optimal distance is
between 3 and 10 feet.
Avoid bright light sources, including sunlight, behind or near the TV, shining towards
the remote or reflecting off of the screen.
Avoid highly reflective surfaces near the Sensor Bar.
Avoid sources of infrared light in the gameplay area such as electric, propane or
kerosene heaters, flames from fireplaces or candles, and stoves or other sources of heat.
If the remote seems to operate erratically, check and adjust the Sensor Bar sensitivity if
necessary. (See page 52 in the Wii Operations Manual - Channels and Settings.)
Be sure to read the following pages on using the Wii Remote, Nunchuk
and Nintendo GameCube Controllers before using the Wii system.
NOTE: A GameCube controller is required for playing GameCube games.
Wii Disc
Nintendo GameCube Disc
Label faces
towards the
right side of the
Wii console
Label faces
towards the
right side of the
Wii console
Wii Operations Manual