SIIG 04-0698B Video Gaming Accessories User Manual

Windows 8 / 7 / Server 2008 R2
Removable Disk won't appear in Computer
until you insert a memory card into the card
reader. However, if you want all five disk icons
to appear follow the direction below.
1. Click Start menu, then click Control Panel.
2. Change the View by Category to Small
icons. It is located on the upper right side
of your screen. Skip this step if Small icons
is already selected.
3. Double click Folder Options.
4. Click View tab.
5. Uncheck Hide empty drives in the
computer folder, then click OK.
Removing Memory Cards
Memory cards can be removed at any time.
However, to prevent data loss, data corruption
or memory card failure, DO NOT remove memory
cards while the Activity LED is flashing.