Avaya LUALC Video Game Controller User Manual

Allows automatic, manual or remote control of sound system levels.
It has an SPL meter with over 50 dB range built in.
The microphone can be placed up to 5000 feet from unit.
Simplicity in set up and operation.
Single rack space - 1 RU.
Balanced 600 ohm inputs and outputs.
Line input activated by a contact closure.
Loop start TELCO input with priority over line input.
Clock inputs or remote control connections.
Relay outputs for emergency override or indicators.
Line output and a contact closure to supervise downstream equipment.
Internal microprocessor senses ambient noise via a microphone input, and
adjusts the paging level accordingly.
Rack or wall mount.
UL listed power supply, FCC Part 15 approved.
Figure 1-1 shows a back view of the Ambient Level Controller (ALC) and
Figure 1-2 shows a front view of the ALC. Figure 1-3 shows a block diagram
of the ALC.