PDP PL-7522 Video Gaming Accessories User Manual

Energizer Wii 2X Charger
For Nintendo Wii
Thank you for purchasing the Energizer Power & Play 2X Charging
System for Wii Remotes.
1 2X Wii Remote charge dock
2 Wii Remote rechargeable battery packs
2 Battery covers
1 AC power cord
Using the Charging System
1) Plug the smaller end of the AC cord into the back of the charge dock and plug the other end
into an AC outlet.
2) Remove standard AA batteries from Wii Remote. Next, remove the paper wrap from the
Energizer rechargeable battery pack and insert the battery pack into your Wii Remote. (If
you are using Wii Remote Jacket or other sleeve on your Wii Remote, you must rst remove
3) Place the Energizer battery cover on the back of the Wii Remote, allowing the battery
contacts to t through the square hole.
4) Place your Remote in the charge dock, making sure the battery contacts on the Remote and
the charge dock are touching each other. Allow the wrist strap to lie below the Wii Remote,
extending out from the front of the Energizer 2X Charging System.
5) If charging is required, LED indicator lights will shine red. When charging is complete, the
indicator light will switch to green.
Frequently Asked Questions: Can I use my Wii Remote if the charge light is red? - Yes.
Can I leave my Wii Remote on the charge dock after the charge light turns green? - Yes.
The charge light went from green to red when I removed my Remote for just a minute – can I
still use it? - Yes.
How long will it take to charge the battery pack(s)?
- Approximately 4.5 hours from a fully discharged condition.
Can I use this to charge other batteries?
- No. The Energizer Charging dock is only intended for charging Energizer Wii Remote
rechargeable battery packs.
Can I use the AC cord on other appliances?
- No, this AC cord is to be used only with the Energizer Wii charging dock.
Care and Maintenance: Keep away from extreme temperatures and humidity, including
direct sunlight.
Never submerge any parts of the product in liquid.
To clean, wipe gently with a soft dry cloth.
Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.
Opening the charging dock will automatically void the warranty.
WARNING: Charge only Energizer NiMH Battery packs in this Wii Remote Charging System.
Charging any other types of batteries or battery packs may cause them to leak, rupture or
explode. Do not open battery, dispose of in re, put in backwards, mix with used or other
battery types or short circuit – may ignite, explode, leak or get hot causing injury.
Gracias por su compra del sistema de carga de Energizer Power & Play
(Cargar y jugar) 2X para controles remotos Wii.
1 base de carga 2X para control remoto Wii
4 paquetes de baterías recargables para control remoto Wii
4 cubiertas para baterías
1 cable de alimentación de CA
Uso de su sistema de carga
1) Enchufe la pequeña extremidad del cable de CA en la parte posterior de la base y la otra
extremidad en un tomacorriente de CA.
Energizer and other marks are trademarks of Eveready Battery Company, Inc. and are used by Performance Designed Products LLC under
license. All other brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Neither Performance Designed Prod-
ucts LLC nor Eveready Battery Company, Inc. is aliated with the respective owners or their trademarks. This product is not designed,
manufactured, sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo of America.
For technical questions please visit
www.pdp.com or call: 1-800-331-3844 USA ONLY
*See manufacturer’s manual and follow all instructions and warnings for use of Wii Remotes.
*please keep this information for future reference