Avaya MC3000 AP208 Video Game Controller User Manual

Configuration Note
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PN: Meru AP Configuration Note for 3631 phone.doc Page 3
4.4 ESSID Configuration
The ESSID used by wireless IP telephones would be configured for Virtual Cell and assigned the
appropriate security profile.
SSID – chosen_SSID_name
Security Profile name – select_security_profile
SSID Broadcast – OFF
Tunnel Interface Type – Configured VLAN Only
VLAN Name – chosen_vlan_name
Allow Multicast Flag - Off
Silent Client Polling - On
4.5 Turn off A channels on SSIDs
Go to each ESSID used by the 3631 telephones, and select the ESS-AP Table tab (at top).
Sort by Channel for all APs.
Chosen_SSID_name – delete all A Channels (40)
This step removes all the A band from the 3631 SSIDs because the 3631 wireless telephones
only use B/G.
Short pre-amble should be turned off per AP for wireless IP telephones.
Go to Configuration, Wireless Interfaces. Sort by Channel. Select all B/G Interfaces
(Channel 6). Do NOT set this on the A interfaces (Channel 40).
After all selections, select Bulk Update.
Select Short Preamble: Off
And Select OK.
The APs will reboot to process this change.