Kenwood X3 Video Game Console User Manual

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Operating Instructions
Chat + Wireless Game Audio
Connecting Music Players
The X3 may be used for listening to
other audio sources, such as the output
of your TV, the output of your PC sound
card, an MP3 player, home theater
system, etc.
For example, the illustration below
shows how to connect the X3 to the
output of a home theater system. In this
case, the transmitter audio input would
be connected to the stereo line output
on the home theater receiver. In some
systems, this would be the recording
line output, typically used for a cassette
recorder, while on other systems it
would be a pre-amplifier line output.
Refer to the instructions included with
your unit for details.
The volume control on the X3 transmitter
should be set to maximum and the
volume control on the headphone
should be adjusted to a comfortable
level. If the sound is distorted because
the audio source output is too loud, then
the volume control on the transmitter
should be reduced to a lower level that
better accommodates the source
Using the X3 with a Plasma TV
Some plasma TVs generate IR signals
that can be picked up by the
headphones as a background "buzz" or
"crackling". This is not unique to the X3
headphones--all analog IR headphones
exhibit this problem with plasma TVs.
The noise is usually noticeable when
there is no audio playing through the
Xbox, such as when the game menu is
displayed or just before the game begins.
Once the game sound starts playing, the
X3 IR signal overpowers the interference
so it's significantly reduced or
completely eliminated.
Because plasma IR interference
decreases as you move further away
from the screen, the noise may be more
noticeable if your TV is located in a small
room. Also, if the X3 transmitter is placed
too low, too high or too far to the side of
the plasma screen, its IR signal will be
reduced because it's not in direct line-of-
sight with the headphones. As a result,
the plasma IR interference may be
stronger than the X3 signal, causing the
background noise to occur.
To maximize the X3 transmitter IR signal
intensity and minimize the plasma noise,
place the transmitter either in direct line
of sight with the headphones, or closer
to the headphones and further away from
the plasma screen, as illustrated:
Step 1:
Insert the mini plug into
the Line In jack on
the transmitter.
Step 2:
Insert the red and white male RCA plugs into
the line output jacks on the sound system.
Configuring Xbox Settings
To make sure that you can easily
control Xbox Live chat volume, please
make sure that the following settings
are configured on your Xbox (These are
the default Xbox settings).
1. From the Xbox 360 Dashboard, press
the Xbox Guide button (the X button in
the center of your controller) to access
your Xbox Live Settings.
2. Navigate to the "Personal Settings"
selection, and press the "A" button on
your controller.
3. Select "Voice" from the following
menu, and press "A".
4. On the Voice screen, make sure that
"Play Through Headset" is selected for
Voice Output selection and that volume
is set to 10 (see below).
5. You can fine tune game audio and
chat volumes using the X3 amplifier and
chat volume controls.
Important Information
Be careful when turning on the
headphones volume control.
Before placing the headphones over
your ears, set the volume control to
minimum, then slowly increase until you
reach a comfortable level.
Use only the supplied power adapter.
Failure to use the correct power adapter
can result in fire and permanent damage
to the transmitter unit.
Do not over-drive the headphones.
Like any speakers, playing the sound
too loud on the headphones may cause
damage to both the headphones and
your ears. Please take care to listen at
moderate levels.
WARNING: Long term exposure to
loud music or other sounds in
headphones may cause hearing
damage. It is best to avoid extreme
volume levels when using headphones,
especially for extended periods. Over
time, your ears adapt to the volume
level, so a level that may not cause
initial discomfort might still damage
your hearing.
Package Contents
• X3 wireless headphones
• X3 infrared transmitter
• Transmitter suction cup
• DC power adapter
• 2 AAA batteries
• Xbox controller connection cable
• Audio connection cable
• This user's guide
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Product# TBS-2065
1. When the headphones are powered
on, you can hear yourself speak into the
mic, which is a good way to test if the
headphones have shut down to save
battery power.
2. Although the headphones will
continue to operate even on low battery
power, the performance will degrade as
the batteries begin to drop in voltage.
Be sure to change the batteries if you
sense that the headphones are less
sensitive than usual, or the sound is
distorting, regardless of volume settings.
3. The headphones work best when
powered with 1.5V alkaline batteries.
Rechargeable batteries rated at 1.5V will
give a longer period of playing time than
those only rated at 1.2V.
4. If you stand too close to the
transmitter, the IR signal may overload
the headphones and the sound will be
automatically muted. For best
performance, stand between 2' and 20'
from the transmitter.
5. If you hear hiss, turn down the
headphone volume and turn up the
transmitter input level.
6. If you hear distortion, turn down the
transmitter input level, then adjust the
headphone volume.
X3 Transmitter
Plasma Screen
X3 Transmitter
Plasma Screen
Direct line of sight to IR sensors
on X3 headphones maximizes
signal strength
Placing the X3 transmitter
closer to the headphones
maximizes signal strength