Califone MCFBV1-D Video Games User Manual

AV Tutor
Digital Cartridge Program
“Basic Vocabulary Words #1”
Other Available Cartridge Programs
Model MCFBV1-D
The AV Tutor
cartridges will be a popular and inspiring
destination within the classroom. Tailored for differentiated
learning, these 7 digital modules support the five key areas
that are essential to effective early reading instruction
(phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and
reading comprehension). They are also ideal for those who are
performing just slightly below grade level. The “Basic Vocabulary
Words #1” program introduces basic nouns and verbs such as
“father”, “mother”, and “sister” for family members and other
words such as “cooks”, “girl”, “plays”, “puppy” and “runs”. Each
word is read once and then repeated within in a simple sentence.
MCFBV1-D, January 2008
International Inc. 800-722-0500
Memory 4-8MB non-volatile flash memory (depending
on the program size)
Warranty One year from date of purchase
Other Recommended items:
Headset for recording student responses
Califone Multimedia Stereo Headset 3064AV
AV Tutor Player/Recorder Model 2050
AV Tutor Fundamentals Center - The AV Tutor bundled with six digital
cartridge programs (all except Play Ball) for
use as a (group) learning center (2056)
Distributed by:
Survival Words
Everyday Words #1
Picture Words
Play Ball
Presents interactive narrative reading,
phonemic awareness and comprehension
activities, which are two key areas essential
to reading development. The Phonemic
Awareness & Comprehension segments
include testing sections for students.
Includes essential basics such as colors,
shapes, numbers, and the alphabet on a
total of 50 screens.
Reviews 72 examples of initial and final
consonants, initial and final digraphs such
as “bib” and “web”.
Includes 52 high-frequency Dolch
list words from A-Z such as
“apple”, “arrow”, and “bed”.
Contains 48 high-frequency common nouns
such as “apple”, “car”, “door”, and ”yard”.
Spotlights 48 safety words such as “stop”,
“caution”, “one-way” and “danger”.